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At Richmond Kettlebell Club the goal is to help you makes sense of all the exercise "noise" out there and to build and develop a physical training routine that will support your physical needs for the rest of your life. We call it GPP, or General Physical Preparedness, which means...the ability to perform any physical task more or less successfully. 

Your journey begins with a FREE ASSESSMENT to help us determine "where you are right now," or your Point A. Point B is where we are headed, which we decide on together after hearing your goals and reviewing the results of the assessment. Once we know Point A and Point B, I will help you design and construct a training program that will safely take you there. One that you could take with you for the rest of your life, no matter where you choose to train.

Generally though, programs center around a few key areas...Joint Mobility, Body Composition and Strength. As we age, keeping our joints free and open gets harder and harder so this must be addressed. Body composition is another area that almost always needs some attention. And strength training becomes more and more critical as muscle tissue fades with time. Addressing these 3 in some way shape or form is how stay in it for the long haul.

Now the biggest limiting factors I see are typically time, money, gear, space and interest. I get it, times can be tight and adding anything can seem impossible to do, but let me say that I hear you and I understand. That is all taken into account when designing your program. Here at RKC, we train the way we do and we use the gear we use not because it's the only way to train, but because it gets us from Point A to Point B the simplest and straightest way. 

So, if you wish to eliminate the "fluff" and learn how to train for health, fitness and longevity in the simplest of ways...and...leave your friends wondering "how do you stay in such great shape," contact me now to set up your FREE ASSESSMENT! gym fitness training kettlebell training

About Cabell

I have been active all my life and was drawn to this field by a love of movement. From early on in my life I was fascinated by the anatomy and biomechanics of this incredible "body." I studied Exercise Science at Virginia Commonwealth University, then went on to get multiple post graduation certifications - NSCA, CSCS, HKC, CK-FMS, RKC, SFG. I opened the first kettlebell oriented gym in central Virginia in 2003, and since then I have trained literally thousands of clients, students and other fitness professionals in and around the Richmond Virginia area. fitness training kettlebell training

About The Training

At RKC, not only will you receive high level coaching and training, but you will also learn "how" to train. We are only together a few hours a week at most, and  circumstances  change,  so making  sure  you  know to think  like a professional andsee beyond trends and fads is also a part of it. There will be times you train on your own, so knowing how to be safe and use your time wisely is an important skill in and of itself.

As for the the actual training, you will learn basis training session structure - Prep, Main, Finish - and what each of these of these is made of. You will learn how to train the fundamental human movements safely and with appropriate loads. You will learn bodyweight drills so you can train anywhere, band drills to pattern proper mechanics and coordination, and kettlebell and barbell drills to get strong and resilient. And most importantly, you will learn how implement all this in a nice simple little practice that doesn't require much time, space or gear. gym fitness training kettlebell training


Thank you for your interest in RKC. As a way to get started with no risk, I would like to give you a FREE ASSESSMENT, with no strings attached as a way to help you decide if RKC is right for you. gym fitness training kettlebell training

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